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Demian Gordon

Demian Gordon, Chairman

Demian Gordon is a pioneer in the field of Performance Capture.

His credits include roles, in various capacities, on such Feature Films as: Oz The Great and Powerful, The Amazing Spiderman, Jack The Giant Killer, Rise of The Planet of the Apes, Green Lantern, Shrek:Scared Shrekless, Shrek4, Tim Burtons Alice in Wonderland, The Watchmen, I Am Legend, Hancock, Beowulf, Monster House, The Polar Express, The Matrix II and Matrix III, as well as numerous television and video game credits.

From 2002-2009 Gordon was Supervisor of Special Projects for Sony Pictures, Imagesworks and was one of the chief pioneers involved in the development of Performance Capture.

During his time at Imageworks, Demian led the Next-Generation Motion Capture Technology Group to develop Sony's Performance Capture pipeline and tools.

In the years leading up to his time at Imageworks, Mr. Gordon was the Motion Capture Department head at Mainframe Entertainment (now Rainmaker Digital).

Mr. Gordon was one of the founding members of the Electronic Arts worldwide motion capture studio, one of the largest, oldest, and most prolific, Motion Capture studios in the world.

Demian has also provided consulting services for companies such as Big American Films, Dreamworks Animation, Sony Computer Entertainment of America, Animotion, BlackPowder Pictures, Just Cause Studio, Konami and Biovision.

He is the Chairman of the Motion Capture Society Board of Directors and a member of the Visual Effects Society.

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John Root

John Root

John Root has been working with Motion Capture for nearly 15 years. Originally hired into The Software Toolworks as a 2D animator in the early 90's he moved on to become the leader of the Motion Capture team at Midway Sports in Chicago. After Midway he worked to setup the motion capture pipeline for Epic Games, iD Software and his own company Outlaw Studios. In 2007 John Root left games to join the movies and can currently be found at Image Movers Digital in Novato California where he leads the Solving Team.

Previous to his career in Motion Capture John ran a Gothic Industrial nightclub in San Francisco. Which (15 years later) is still going strong.

When not doing Motion Capture John enjoys ....

...John pretty much just does Motion Capture

Alastair Macleod

Alastair Macleod, Webmaster

While working for a web design company in Oxfordshire, England, Alastair was invited to tour a motion capture facility in the area. The next day he quit his job and has been working in motion capture or related industries ever since. He completed his degree at Heriot Watt Univserity in Edinburgh and as supervised motion capture or motion capture delivery on the Matrix Sequels, Catwoman, Barnyard and Barbie in the Nutcracker. His work is mostly focused on the delivery pipeline and processes and has developed his own Solver plugin for maya.

He currently lives in Vancouver working as a Maya Plugin Developer for Nexon North America.

Richard Hince

Richard Hince

Richard has nearly 15 years experience in motion capture.

He has work on projects such as the Die Hard Trilogy, Gladiator, Troy, V for Vendetta, 28 Weeks Later, Mirrormask, Bourne Ultimatum and literally hundreds of others doing everything from motion capture, head and body scans and NVisage facial capture (link?)

Before working in motion capture, he was a telephone engineer and a teacher of computer hardware at the University of Wales. He also worked on the design of a Boeing 737 flight data recorder.

He developed his own soft marker solution before they were available from any of the manufacturers and created a device for synchronised video recording. He also created NVisage facial motion capture system. He has a number of other innovations in development.

Richards lives in High Wycombe and works at Artem Digital in Perivale (Ealing) near London in the UK. He rides a Harley and has a CNC machine shop at home.



Gary Roberts

Gary Roberts

Gary Roberts has been in the motion capture industry for over 15 years and has been part of hundreds of productions spanning feature film, game, commercial, music video, TV episodic, and many others involving rare and bizarre uses of motion capture. His credits include Polar Express, Monster House, Beowulf, Spider Man 3, Lost In Space, Guitar Hero, Uncharted, Drakes Fortune, WWE, Miller Lite, Target, Halo 3 and Gears of War commercials.

Gary started life as an Animator and Software Developer with Electronic Arts(EA) in 1990 and became one of the founding members of the World Wide Motion Capture Group and was instrumental in helping EA into becoming one of the early adopters of motion capture in the entertainment industry .

After EA, he co-found Performance Capture Studios in Los Angeles, then moved on to Vicon as Executive Development Manager, where he oversaw a number of award winning technologies. Three years later Gary returned to Los Angeles to take over and the run Vicon House of Moves and create the Vicon Feature Unit.

Gary is now the motion capture lead and supervisor for Humbug Entertainment and also Founder and CEO of a new start up company still within the motion capture and film industry.

Throughout his career Gary has been at the forefront of motion capture both in developing innovative technology and being deep in production. He pledges to continue to support and drive the industry forward where ever possible along with the MCS Board Members.

Gary currently lives in Los Angeles, jumps out of aircraft and tries to find new ways of descending mountains as fast as possible.

Sean Stanek

Sean Stanek

Sean is currently Head of Stage Production and Motion Capture Shoot Supervisor and house Director at House of Moves. He has been involved with motion capture since working with Demian Gordon on Matrix Reloaded. Sean has previously held titles at Sony Imageworks as the Mocap Producer for Monster House and Beowulf. As an independant filmmaker, he wrote and directed his own film, "Played" which was shot in London.

Sean has supervised over one hundred games, films and commercial shoots including the latest hit "Uncharted: Drakes Fortune". The experience of working with facial mocap on Monster House and Beowulf inspired him to develop a better way of adhering facial markers. The process he developed is currently manufactured by Mocap Solutions. He also designed a new technique for adhering markers to animals such as horses, with a 95% success rate of marker adhesion after hours of capture, dramatically reducing the amount of times "marker down" is called during a shoot.

He is continually striving for the advancement of new shooting techniques to try and make life a little easier in the mocap world including the design for a new sound stage at House of Moves. An innovative camera truss was incorporated to allow the capture volume to scale in size depending on the application needed.

Sean was raised in the circus as an acrobat with his family from the age of 4 traveling the world till the age of 20. He currently resides in Burbank with his wife Gina and their three rescued dogs Lola, Heidi and Buster.

Brett Ineson
Brett Ineson

Brett Ineson has been in the animation industry for over 14 years. Brett has had a production career as an Animator, Technical Directorand Motion Capture Supervisor. He has had opportunity to contribute to a wide range of CG projects involving feature films, video games, commercial advertising,television and theatre.

His Credits include the first ever broadcast 3D television show 'Reboot', Peter Jackson's 'Lord of the Rings' - Return of the King, Neil Blomkamp's 'District 9'and Shrek the Musical on Broadway.

Brett has recently joined the Product Management team at Autodesk, where initially he is using his knowledge and experience as a Technical Director to define the company’s product strategy to address the rapidly changing requirements for performance capture and onset visualization.

Brett has keen interests in cinematography, camera technology and character animation. It is these interests that attracted him to motion capture early on in his career and he has been in passionate service to the industry ever since.

Brett is currently the Technical Product Manager for Virtual Moviemaking at Autodesk Inc. and resides in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia


Mike Harrison - General Manager of The Capture Lab. Mike brings a wealth of project and business management experience to The Capture Lab team. Beginning in 2004, Mike has held positions of increasing responsibility, focusing the team on quality, predictability and customer satisfaction.

Since assuming the role of General Manager of the Capture Lab in 2010, Mike has fostered a culture of quality, innovation and customer service. Mike has also grown the business by expanding the portfolio to include the industry leader wireless virtual camera, 3D Digital Double scanning and facial animation services. By restructering the department, the team is now able to serve the global animation, vfx and game development communities.

In addition to his duties managing the World's largest Motion Capture studio, Mike serves on the Board of Directors of the Motion Capture Society and the Motion Picture Production Industry Association of B.C.


Other boardmembers :

Matt Bauer

Jeff Thingvold

Dejan Momcilovic

Mike Sanders

Remington Scott

Alberto Menache

Brian Rausch