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Once your MCS application has been approved, you will be provided a passphrase to allow you to self-register for the MCS Website.

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Member benefits include full-access to all content areas of the MCS Website, access to other talks, events and parties we put on throughout the year.

We are doing all our networking and membership on our Linkedin and Facebook group pages these days, as it seems to be what people prefer.

Joining our Society is FREE

Please go to facebook and linkedin and submit a membership request to our group on linkedin and our page on facebook

Membership helps tie our industry together

Our members gain access to panels, parties and product discounts as they become available throughout the year.

Members ALSO gain access to the MCS social network, which grants each member a personal profile page where they can post their latest resume, links to their reel or projects they have worked on, and can post their special skills and other personal and professional details.


While anyone may apply for or be invited to join our society, you MUST have an expressed intrerest in the technology or some related applicable experience or otherwise be affiliated in some way with the Motion Capture industry.

The Society reserves the right to reject people that have been invited to join if they deem the invitation to be inappropriate.


Member Perks

  • Access to all MCS related talks, panels and party events put on several times throughout the year
  • Gain the ability to network with other members - over 1500 people in over 6 countries
  • The ability to post your reel and resume and links to your work
  • Updates on Twitter and Tumblr
  • Facebook and LinkedIn groups
  • Discounts on software and hardware as it becomes available, throughout the year.
  • Whenever possible the MCS helps find jobs for members who need them.




The MCS Store

You can also support the Motion Capture Society by purchasing some of our products. Please visit our Online Store.